Monday, January 3, 2011

OIM installation or replication made easy

Have you installed OIM? If yes, then you would know how time consuming it can be.

But thanks to how the OIM works, we need not install OIM from scratch on every environment. We can simply copy it from an existing environment.

Below are the steps to be followed in brief.
  1. Copy the entire OIM_HOME/xellerate folder (ie., xellerate folder which contains all OIM files) from the existing environment to the new environment. Preferably, keep the location path same as the original one.
  2. Copy the entire OIM schema from the original to the new OIM database.
  3. Edit OIM_HOME/xellerate/config/xlconfig.xml and change the following values under the DirectDB element.
    • Change the <url> value to the correct one.
    • Change the <username> value to the correct one.
    • If the password for the schema of the new environment is different from the original one, then set the encrypted value for to "false" and then set the password in clear text.
    • Search for localhost (it will be under the tag <Discovery>) and make sure the port number is correct.
  4. Save the xlconfig.xml and exit it.
  5. Go to the application server data source and make sure the database url is correct.
  6. If the schema username is different from the original environment, then run the following sql script.
    update sdk set sdk_schema = 'OIMADMIN'
    (OIMADMIN is the username of the new schema which is also configured in the xlconfig.xml at step 3.)
  7. Start OIM.
You are ready with a new OIM environment now. Go ahead and start using it.

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