Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make OIM portal load faster

Whenever a user tries to login to OIM admin console, OIM runs some additional SQL's to get the count of provisioning tasks, pending approvals etc, to display on the home page.
This can cause the home page to load slowly.

Since this information is not of much use in many organization on the home page, we can disable this additional SQL search and make sure only a link is placed on the home page to get to that same data.
To disable these counters, please execute below steps:

1) Login to Design Console with 'xelsysadm'

2) Go to Administration->> System Configuration

3) Search for the keyword "XL.WebAdminHome.CounterDisplay.Type"

4) Change the values from 'DayLimit' to 'CheckLink'

Now when a user logs in OIM he will see a link instead of counters.

For many users, the home page will be much faster from now on.

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