Thursday, November 18, 2010

Auto Approve Self Registered Users in OIM

By default, a self registered user will have to be approved by a administrator. To automatically approve Self Registered Users in OIM

1. Open the OIM_HOME/xellerate/config/FormMetadata.xml file.

2. Copy the following lines from <form name="SelfRegistrationApprovalForm"> to <form name="SelfRegistrationUserForm"> section:

<attributereference editable="true" optional="true">Organizations.Organization Name</attributereference>
<attributereference editable="true" optional="false">Users.Xellerate Type</attributereference>
<attributereference editable="true" optional="true">Users.Role</attributereference>

3. Save changes and restart the OIM Server.

4. Now when you try to do a Self Register, you need to enter values for Organization name, User Type and Employee Role.

5. Enter value for User Type as End-User.

6. Enter value for Employee Role as Full-Time (Note: The value should be Full-Time and not Full-Time Employee).

7. Submit request, and the request would get automatically approved.

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