Friday, October 11, 2013

Build and Deploy the PLAY application

Once you have developed a application in play, you might want to create a binary out of it which you can deploy on another server.
The below steps have to be followed to create a binary of your Play application and to deploy on another server (Linux).

1. In your play application directory, run the below command.
[My application folder] $ play dist
This command will create a zip file with the following name [applicationName]-[version].zip. Example:
2. Copy this zip file to the server on which you want to deploy the application.
Example: scp user@other-server-host:/home/user/.
3. Unzip the file to the folder where you want the application running.
Example: unzip -d /opt
4. You will find a start file in the unziped folder. But most of the time it will not have executable permissions.
Change the permission by executing the below command.
chmod 777 start
5. You can then execute the command like below.
[Unzipped dist folder] $ ./start

You can also make your application run on different port and provide other options along with the ./start.
Refer the below URL for the options.

Hoping that this information helps some newbies of Play.

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